Why Masserie di Mare

"Masserie di Mare" is a project that bets on the ability to combine Italian and Mediterranean culinary tradition with the innovative use of purified seawater, harnessing all its benefits.
An "ingredient" that rightfully finds its way onto our tables in various ways, successfully blending memory and innovation.
Embracing marine biodiversity has health value and ensures well-being at the table, as well as excellence in authentic taste.
All of this is made possible by high-quality raw materials used in the "Masserie di Mare" product line, which are always safe from a food safety perspective, with a confirmed origin and low sodium content.


This project embodies values related to environmental sustainability and physical well-being.
The intensive use of agricultural land, industrial refining processes, and inadequate cooking and storage (including domestic) to which various foods are subjected contribute to reducing the quality and quantity of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Exclusive Services

From catering services to event organization, including the realms of sports and health.
These are some of the areas where actions related to the project are planned.


Wellness applications, food experiences, healthy options for a healthy diet and well-being, with exclusive use of "purified seawater."

Dispensers, sprays, and boxes of purified seawater with low sodium content to be used in the context of food and wellness, to rediscover well-being at every moment.


Catering, events, customized "Made in Italy" menus and food products: quality, origin, nutritional content, and health are guaranteed and certified.

Dishes prepared with the exclusive use of seawater to ensure authenticity.


The food preparations of the "Masseria di Mare" line benefit from the creativity and experience of Chef Antonio Marraffa, a professional deeply connected to his native "land and sea."

His experience is important and significant. He began taking his first steps in the kitchen from a young age.

In 1992, he started attending the IPSAR Alberghiero in Brindisi, graduating in 1997.

He began his career in regional settings and then moved on to important restaurants and hotels in Italy and abroad.

A central aspect of his journey was continuous training and participation in culinary internships at high-profile culinary schools nationwide.

In 2006, he returned to Puglia and started various collaborations with numerous reception venues and hotels.

In 2016, he co-founded the company "Cultura a tavola," of which he is now the executive chef, forming several collaborations with high-profile hospitality establishments.

Catering Events

Event planning, catering, customized food delivery services with the support of medical and nutritional staff for a healthy and low-sodium meal.

Because seawater, combined with a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, is essential for living better and discovering the secrets of longevity.




Twenty years of history in luxury weddings and international events, blending elegance and tradition.


Selection of raw materials to delight with authenticity and quality at the table.

Scientific Partners


Among the project's scientific partners is Vincenzo Di Donna, an expert in metabolism, health conditions, diet, and cellular stress states. His medical philosophy is capable of safely and scientifically integrating the East and the West, intervening comprehensively in the body's health, helping it achieve real and lasting well-being.

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